Why Shelter Pets Aren't Worth It

What is more heartwarming than the look on someone’s face when they meet their new furry BFF? From our 1st pet as a kid to teach us how to care for another until the last we love as our senior days companion. The 1st time we meet them is always so emotional and overwhelming, just watch the youtube videos if you don’t believe it. Being in the pet industry and a life long dog rescuer, it is an automatic response to mention shelters and adoption whenever a new pet conversation comes up. I get excited at the chance to help them save a life and make a new bestie. Most times than not I hear the same reply – “Shelter pets just aren’t worth it”. My heart always breaks a little when I hear this but I hold out hope anyway. When I ask why “they aren’t worth it” the answers are similar. They come with issues from abuse, they have health problems from inbreeding, they might bite because they are scared of me, they aren’t trained and will tear up my house, I don’t know what they have been through, I want a puppy to bond with me-they are too old.
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I’m about to get really vulnerable here so I’m hoping you can understand why I do everything I do for animals. Deepppppp Breathhhhhh --- I was born into foster care where I stayed for my whole 18.5 year childhood. Like these shelter pets, foster kids are viewed as “not worth it”. We come with too many issues, suffered too much abuse, are afraid of people, living with strangers unsure and never safe, with health problems from drug addicted mothers or genetics, having no manners or home training, and too old to be able to love you back. Shelter pets and foster kids aren’t that different when you look at the things they endure and how they continue to suffer sometimes to death because people don’t see the value in loving or saving them.

me as a childI saw a sad amount of abuse to animals during my foster care years, along with my own abuse. I always seemed to manage to end up in a lot of dog friendly homes. That was great for me because I loved dogs. Except the homes that hurt the dogs. That was so hard for me as a kid to watch but not be able to do anything. When I was scared they were there, when I was happy they were there, when I felt alone I felt their friendship, and a few dogs on my journey were abused with me. I vowed as a little girl that when I grew up and got big enough to protect them that I would.

I just turned 40 years old several weeks ago and I’m proud to say I do my best every day still to live up to that vow. I have rescued, fostered, been a kennel tech, volunteered with groups getting laws changed for dogs, and so much more. Now my main focus is to open a non-profit spay/neuter clinic and this business is how I am saving up to make that dream come true. I can do the most good by preventing all those puppies from suffering at the hands of our over populated pet system.

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I am an animal rights activist and my main passion is saving as many animals as I can. These dog treats are how I'm funding the spay/neuter dream.
end puppy millsThanks so much for reading. I hope everyone who reads this leaves with a feeling that every life is Worth It.  Feel free to leave your comments or feedback.  I enjoy hearing from you.












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